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The J Weaver Barn story
The J Weaver Barn in Goshen, Indiana is a 3,200 square foot barn dating back to 1889. Purchased by the Miller family in 1970 where it served as a family dairy, corn, soybean, and hay farm. Still surrounded by beautiful fields and gorgeous sunsets, we couldn’t imagine a better setting for a wedding.
Robin Crystal Photography
Robin Crystal Photography

Robin Crystal Photography

Our Vision

The J Weaver Barn derived its name from the original slate roof, within the design of the roof was the name and date, J Weaver 1889. In 2014 the slate roof had to be removed due to the slate becoming loose, sliding off, breaking and leaving gaping holes, so we made the decision to have the 125 year old roof replaced.

The farm was purchased by my husband’s family in 1970 where it was then utilized as a dairy and the land around the farm grew corn, soybeans and hay.

Today however, the dairy setup is gone but the land around us is still farmed by our family and with the help of Caleb and Will…

Upon an idea my husband had, we set out to clean and fixup the barn for family, friends and church events, we began in January of 2015, Stan and I along with our children worked hard to restore the barn back to its original form, upon doing much research we came up with many different ideas and came up with a plan as to how we want OUR barn to look.

A True Blessing

With much excitement and at times some dread we continued working hard all summer and then community interest started to flow in, we began having requests for weddings and other events when we realized that our barn had evolved into something much bigger than just an occasional family get-together.

We were nearing the completion of our original plans when my husband was diagnosed with ALS, Today we feel so blessed at Gods provision for us, even before we knew of our needs God already had put in place a way for me as a mom to earn a living without leaving home as we still have 5 children at home.

We are blessed and want to pass that blessing on to others…

– Elvera Miller

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